Innovation and R & D

Anhui Taienkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Anhui Taienkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a production base on oral solid preparations, which is a high-tech enterprise with the integration on research, production and marketing of drugs and medical devices. In 2012, Anhui Taienkang established Bozhou Branch in Qiaocheng Economic Development Zone of Bozhou city, where has been considered as the medicine capital of Anhui Province. The modern production line of Chinese herbal pieces and refined extraction of traditional Chinese medicine have been built mainly. The company has more than 30 varieties of products for sale which range from tablets, granules, pills and capsules. There are six production lines in four dosage forms. Among them, Compound Black Chicken Pill is the exclusive product in China, which is well received by consumers. The company has been recognized and awarded as ’’Key Guarantee Enterprise of Epidemic Materials of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’’, ’’National High-Tech Enterprise’’, ’’Specialized and Competitive New Enterprises’’ of Anhui Province and Ma’anshan city, ’’Private Technology Enterprise of Anhui Province’’, ’’Ma’anshan Enterprise Technology Center’’, ’’Pilot Enterprise of Intellectual Property Rights’’, ’’Municipal Digital Workshop’’, the trademark of ’’Tianfukang’’ is awards as ’’Famous Trademark of Anhui Province’’ and other honorary titles. Adhering to the development idea of ’’Innovative, Green and Harmonious’’, the company has established school-enterprise cooperation with Wannan Medical College, Anhui University of Technology, West Anhui College and other colleges, established Anhui Provincial Strategic Alliance of Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine Pill and Ma’anshan Engineering Technology Center. The project together with the School of Chemical Engineering, Anhui University of Technology has applied for the ’’Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for Significant New Drugs of 12th Five-year Plan’’. The project is about the preclinical study of Echinacoside for treating Alzheimer’s disease, which has passed the expert review organized by the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province at its first attempt. Taienkang plans to expand the production field on the basis of its existing traditional Chinese medicine production, will build a 10,000 square meters biotech drug production base and 12,000 square meters chemical drug production workshops in Anhui Taienkang, so as undertakes the landing production of 2-3 R&D varieties of Hubble Kisen every year better. In the future, Anhui Taienkang production base will be developed into a pharmaceutical industry park which will concentrate the production of patent medicine, chemical drugs and biological agents. The base will convert a total area of more than 80,000 square meters.
Shantou T&K Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. Shantou T&K Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of medical devices for wound care supplies. The company was founded in 2002 with a building area exceeded 8,000 square meters. At present, many medical device products are produced by the company. It strictly followed the requirements of ’’Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices’’ to build its general clean area, Class 100,000 clean area, general laboratory, Class 10,000 local microbial laboratory to organize production and inspection. The Company is equipped with a series of special production equipment suitable for the products, and has sterilization equipment matching with the production scale of sterile products and perfect laboratory testing equipment, such as particle filtration efficiency tester, gas chromatograph and microbial detection system, etc. which can complete from product’s sterilization to physical and chemical testing, asepsis testing, etc. The company has obtained the ’’Medical Device Manufacturers License’’ issued by Drug Administration of Guangdong Province and the ’’Hygienic License for Disinfection Product Manufacturing Enterprise’’ issued by Health Committee of Guangdong Province. The Company strictly operates the GMP Quality Management System for medical devices and has passed ISO 13485-2016 and ISO 9001: 2015 International Quality Management System Certification. All the products have obtained valid licenses such as Medical Device Registration Certificate or Filing Certificate, and fully implemented the company’s standardized production management. For a long time, the company adheres to the quality policy of ’’Employee-Oriented, Quality-Oriented, Management-Focused and Customer-Oriented’’, strives to build a modern medical device production base and makes greater contribution to people’s health careers!

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